8 Social Media Metrics You Should Track.

Social networking is a crucial element of every marketing strategy. People spend an average of 147 minutes every day on media platforms. Individuals investing so much time on social networks can be a fantastic chance for your organization to ‌enhance its connection with customers, raise recognition, and generate a few leads.  There are a few […]

The complete guide to LinkedIn marketing

The complete guide to LinkedIn marketing.

With over 810 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a potential medium for driving traffic, generating quality leads, establishing thought leadership, and other purposes. Is your company using LinkedIn to its full potential to promote brand recognition, expand your network, increase leads and conversions, and generate revenue? With new social networks popping up, LinkedIn is a […]

How to Optimise Your Branding on Social Media

How to Optimise Your Branding on Social Media

What is Social Media Branding  The use of social media platforms and websites to advertise a product or service is known as social media branding or social media marketing. While e-marketing and digital marketing are still popular among academics, social media branding is gaining popularity among practitioners and academics. Data analytics capabilities are embedded into […]

5 Strategies for Social Media Branding

5 Strategies for Social Media Branding & Marketing.

Technology advances have led to the emergence of social media as one of the most important platforms for advertising and social networking. Social media allows you to reach large audiences within seconds of posting an ad, helping you to reduce your costs, spreading awareness about your brand and reaching out to your target audience through […]

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