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If there is one thing that is consistent with any business, it’s building a customer base. From start-ups to well established organizations, you customer range can be diverse in a thousand minute ways.

Are you one of those people who have tried and tested SCM, LinkedIn Marketing and nothing seems to go your way? Well, we might be your answer for that. Statically, Email marketing acquires approximately 40% more prospects than any other traditional marketing methods.

Targeted email lists are industry specific customized database. In the fast paced world, getting attention from your targeted prospects can be demanding. Standing out in a pool of emails, can only be done when your email marketing is based on a targeted email list.


You might have been tempted to send batch emails to your targets. But such moves are reckless and futile. With targeted mailing lists your message is delivered on the basis of its relevancy to your prospects. A personalized touch and relevant marketing is all it takes to build healthy customer relationships. Listing out a few benefits of targeted mailing database
• Relevant
Targeted email address allows you to send across relevant messages through segmentation.
• Increase interaction
Your prospects get intrigued by your services if it suits their requirement.
• Improves Return On Investments (ROI)
With a targeted user database your customers land on desired webpage, as an end result you gain improved ROI.


Our database is not just a collection for numbers. With us you get the most appropriate user mailing lists, specifically curated as per your requirements. It includes
• Profile data
Includes name, age, gender and demographics. Your interaction pattern is highly dependent on this information.
• Segmentation
Email segmentation is of prime importance and time consuming. We ensure your database is well segmented and easy to navigate.
• Industry
We have a comprehensive database of industry specific email addresses. It covers every relevant professional for your targeted marketing.
• Activity
Target email database is complete only when it gives the user a brief understanding on interest and preferences of its prospects. Our team provides a well-researched database that is based on activity of your prospects as well.


• Accurate data
Get 100% accurate leads on healthcare institutions, professionals, pharmacies and other related organizations with our holistic database.
• Verified
Our entire database is human and AI verified, we ensure you get the best by industry experts.
• Customized
We make our database curated as per your needs; you get customized leads on healthcare sector.
• Accessible
Easy to navigate and filter, you don’t have to scroll through the entire list to get desired result. Just sort and filter and you are good to go.
• Available in Excel and CVS format
We provide it in both Excel and CVS format.
• Well researched
Get a thoroughly researched database, to target accurate and verified prospects.

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