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Think of Data, Think of Us!

AlphaLeadsTech is a leading business and consumer data service provider company in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Founded in the thriving Information Technology hub, AlphaLeadsTech provides a vast range of super performing databases, which are carefully collated with the best-in-class technologies. We use the most advanced data intelligence and data analytics tools to yield the best results to our clients. 

We cater to a wide range of industries; like IT, retail, Banking and Finance, education, Health, advertisement agencies, print media, and B-to-B services. AlphaLeadsTech is a trusted partner to many eminent companies in the USA, UK, Canada, and India. Our expert team of sales and support staff members offers a network of recognized relationships, superior customer service and scale up our clients’ sales numbers and profits. 

At AplhaLeadsTech, we help in building an effective strategy of communication for the clients, through channels like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, etc., targeted towards the potential or existing consumers. We offer expertise in database services based on the following parameters:

  • Predictive modeling and expansion solutions
  • Quantifiable and deterministic data points, both online and offline
  • Powerful Data analysis and Media optimization
  • AlphaLeadsTech’s proprietary compilation tactics  

B2B and B2C Database Provider

Having excelled in services to both B2B and B2C clients, AlphaLeadsTech sources niche prospect lists, perfectly tailored for businesses. 

As the preferred database partner of many companies, our offerings include:

  • Corporate database
  • Frequent Flyer Database
  • High Networth individuals Database
  • Telecom operator database
  • Salaried professional database
  • Self-employed database
  • Students database
  • Small and Medium Enterprise database

We identify the best data list sources for your campaigns, which will ensure higher conversions. Our pricing methods are unique and affordable. Our niche list experts work closely with you, to deliver the best! 

Get the best data, Get the best marketing results

Quality data is the primary requisite for the success of marketing strategies. From IT to Finance, Retailers to realtors, AlphaLeadsTech’s data services help all sectors and sizes of businesses master the tactics of data-driven marketing. The databases offer accuracy and precision. With AlphaLeadsTech’s database services, you will be able to:

  • Generate highly targeted business mailing lists
  • Refine the audiences depending on several data points including demographical details, income range, age, employment details
  • Deliver your key messages to your audience/potential consumers

USPs of data solutions @ AlphaLeadsTech

Precision in data strategies

  • Highest standards of ethics and compliance in Data services
  • High levels of customization
  • A seasoned professional team with years of expertise and success

AlphaLeadsTech Advantage

No Data Duplication

  • Higher ROI
  • Right Product proposition
  • NDND filtration
  • Target audience-centric databases
  • A detailed database strategy and competitive analysis
  • A customized annual budget plan for each of our client

Whom do we serve?

  • B2B clients
  • Information Technology
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Health
  • Education
  • Magazines, Print and Digital Media, Publishing Houses and many more …..

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Our Data Services

  • Business Data API
  • Business mailing lists
  • Lead Generation
  • Cleaning of Data
  • Data License

Business Data API

Looking for millions of companies and contacts at your fingertips? Business Data API at AlphaLeadsTechseamlessly integrates the client’s applications to real-time data. The database is ever-growing with the addition of thousands of unique data every month and is continuously updated and verified for accuracy and authenticity.

Tell us about your goal. Our Business Data API services include the following:

  • Keep your database up-to-date
  • Search database for prospects with several embedded criteria like industry/sector, turnover, number of employees, job title, etc.
  • Integrate with the business-specific application

Business mailing lists

Contact us and grow your business with carefully sourced specifically targeted business mailing lists. Have access to over millions of contacts and a pool of companies worldwide. AlphaLeadsTech’s trusted database services combine worldwide data with unparallel local expertise. We target your audience base with great precision. Our in-house data experts understand your business needs, the target audience and campaign. These insights help us create a customized business list based on thousands of criteria like country, industry/sector, turnover, job title, number of employees, etc. 

Tell us what you need, buy our custom business mailing lists.

Lead Generation

Are you expecting a few ready-to-contact leads? Let us get you covered.

At AplhaLeadsTech, we understand that lead generation is a time-consuming affair and that’s where we come handy. We are experts in designing top-notch Email Marketing Campaigns for you; starting from choosing your ideal audience to designing the campaign to your satisfaction. 

What is the best part of the lead generation strategy?

You pay for the qualified leads. The price per lead is decided before starting your campaign.

Data cleaning

The most valuable asset of your business is your customer database. We help you in cleaning up your cluttered data, standardize addresses, replace incomplete information to get your data in top shape. At AlphaLeadsTech we protect you from wasting your budget on incorrect incomplete data and help you remain compliant to data management and exchange regulations.

Data license

The Data licensing service ensures your unlimited access to the top-class database. With a data license, you are in complete control of the business.

Email Marketing Services 

Targeted Email marketing strategies for Optimal Results

Are you are looking for the right partner for the email marketing strategies? Your search ends here. 

At AlphaLeadsTech, we generate prospective customers and offer you cost-effective marketing tool to boost your brand’s online presence.

There are many email marketing companies vying for your attention. What sets us apart is our approach. Our expansive range of email services include:

  • Embedded links in the email to scale up sales
  • Specific personalized emails and Consent-based marketing for the target audience
  • Monitoring feedbacks and responses of your campaign for tracking the efficacy 
  • Designing campaigns focused on age, income, demography, occupation, interest, etc.

 We offer the highest standard in email marketing campaigns and focus on identifying market trends. Our expertise aids your company to achieve huge success in your campaigns. AlphaLeadsTech delivers best-in-class customer service and smart technology-driven strategies to ensure a high ROI on your email marketing deal. We integrate direct mail advertising and social media marketing to create synergy in a campaign.

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